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Are you ready to sell your property?
​Has it been years since a professional home inspector assessed the condition of your home?

Our seller’s home inspection service will not only make you more informed about the current state of your property, but will also allow you to sell your home faster. 


Prospective buyers will want to have an accurate assessment of the various systems within your home, including electrical, HVAC, sewer systems, etc. 

​Turn to our experts and we will provide you with an in-depth overview of your house’s current state. Our team is knowledgeable about home seller disclosure laws in your state.


A strong foundation is not only essential, but can help solidify a faster sale.

Any issues that are unaccounted for can lead to repair expenditures that are both costly and time consuming. It’s a common fact that homes with foundation issues often find themselves on the market for an extended period of time. Do sellers have to fix everything on home inspections? Find out here.

We give you the ability to make choices about repairs yourself, alternatively you may decide to present this information to your potential buyer. For you to be able satisfy your buyer, you should know the ultimate home seller’s checklist for you to be prepared and calm.

​Our examination list includes (but is not limited to) the following items:

  • Interior and exterior: floors & ceilings, stairs & banisters, fireplaces, finishes, sinks, built-in appliances, brick, stone, windows, doors, vents, entryways, etc. 
  • Roof: vents, shingles, chimneys, trim & gutters, skylights
  • Attic: insulation, ventilation, trusses
  • HVAC System: furnace, air conditioner, filters
  • Electrical: service panels, branch circuits, fixtures
  • Plumbing: water pressure, hose bibs, sinks & faucets, drainage systems
  • Any additional items such as pools, sprinkler systems, septic

​​And if your not prepared for the inspection of the house, worry no more. Our team will help and guide you to make sure you are 100% for preparing for a Seller’s home inspection.

There are also three main areas a seller should expect to find in an inspection report such as water damage, cleanliness and maintenance, and structural issues.


A poorly maintained rood can lead to a multitude of issues if not dealt with professionally.

​We have you covered even if you haven’t had your roof replaced in years and even if there are significant red flags, such as leakage. 

We’ll be sure to inspect the following when examining your roof: downspouts, drip edges, flashings, shingles, skylights, vents and all other visibly related items.


A mold issue within your home can lead to a number of potential problems, including health risks to anyone interested in buying the property.

If you feel that your home is currently affected by a mold problem, turning to our professional home inspectors can provide you with the accurate information you need.

Using a moisture meter when necessary, we will thoroughly asses suspect areas, such as walls or ceilings, that could be concealing mold growth. We have an ultimate home seller tips when selling home that guarantee you  successfully sold the house.


Interested in getting a trusted property inspection?

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