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After accepting an offer for your house, an inspection is the last step required before the deal is finalized. During the inspection, it is possible that the inspector might find certain problems, and you’ll have the option to fix these defects or provide financial concessions. So, irrespective of your home’s condition, your plan is for the inspection to go smoothly. Such action shows that you are sincere about the offer available to you. It also demonstrates your willingness to support the buyer, and it’s also a great thing to do!

That said, there are periods when we would arrive at an inspection venue without completing or even performing any inspections. Many problems might occur, for example: the gates and doors might be locked, pilot lights aren’t on, utilities are disconnected, appliances are not fully installed, and other possible problems that might occur during the inspection process. It results in a delayed inspection and rescheduling.

Having an accurate pre-inspection checklist will help sellers make sure that your inspections are performed without any problem. So! What can you do to prepare?

Our team will help you preparing for home seller inspection and guide you about the home seller’s disclosure law.


Before you put your home on the real estate listing, you might have cleaned and cleared it. However, for the inspection, ensure that you do a personalized cleaning. An inspector might not talk about cluttered or dirty spaces in his report, but they are capable of preventing an inspector from conveniently accessing some areas in your home. 

Clearing and cleaning your home will make your house accessible for inspection, and is great for everyone in the transaction. Here are some cleaning-and-clearing home seller inspection you should prioritize for your home: 

  • Ensure you clean all kitchen appliances that are for sale. 
  • Repair, replace, or clean air filters. 
  • Empty the contents of the attic, especially if it blocks visibility or access. 
  • Remove all barriers from areas that are points of entry or exit into parts of the house. 
  • Clear at least six inches of space surrounding your home. 
  • Sweep, clean, or pressure wash the debris from the roof, and its gutters. 
  • Clear the Air conditioner’s compressor, downspouts, and vents. 
  • Ensure you trim the bushes near the home’s foundation for a better visibility.


As part of your Austin home seller’s checklist, look for issues with appliances before the inspection date. Doing so allows you to address these problems up-front, allowing you to have control over the cost and have more peace of mind for a seamless and great inspection.

  • As part of your home seller’s checklist in Austin, flush all toilets and run faucets, check for pressure, clogs, and possible leaks. 
  • Search for dingy caulk, crumbling grouts, and water damage in your bathrooms and kitchen. 
  • Test your bathroom and ceiling fans. 
  • Test all the light switches within and outside your home.  
  • Check the smoke detector batteries and carbon monoxide detectors. 
  • Open and close all your windows, doors, and screens. Test for locks and seals. 
  • Check your garage door for closing and opening issues. 
  • Ensure all gutters and downspouts are connected and unclogged. 
  • Check for duct connections between attics and crawl spaces. 
  • Search for missing shingles or roof damages. 
  • Check for damaged insulation in the attic and crawl spaces. 

Prepare notes as you walk through your Austin home seller’s checklist. Make sure you perform all tasks and all the necessary tasks prior to the inspection. Remember to understand and keep copies of your warranties, especially for major repairs.


For your home seller’s checklist in Austin, Tx, here are a few key steps to ensure that your home inspection is done smoothly, We have some home seller tips that guarantee you to sold out the house.

  • Turn on all utilities. 
  • Ensure that your pilot lights are turned on. 
  • Remove laundry from your washer and dryer, if you plan on selling them. 
  • Remove dishes from the sink and dishwasher. 
  • Clear out anything that could be occupying your oven, other than racks. 
  • Leave the remotes for your garage door, ceiling fans, lights, etc., also, ensure you make keys for gates, outbuildings, and electrical boxes easily accessible to your inspector. 
  • Leave behind a sketch identifying the location of wells or septic tanks in your compound. 


Ensure you leave home in Austin, Tx, an hour early with your pets, then wait for the good news from the inspector, before moving to the next stage of the sale. That said, congratulations! You prepared your home well!


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