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Are you in the process of buying or selling your home or business? ​​
Wish you had a comprehensive scope on the state of your property? 

Our Round Rock Home Inspectors Will… 

  • Provide you with the trusted property inspection services for your residential or commercial properties, including apartment buildings and warehouses. 
  • Deliver a thorough and accurate assessment for your current or prospective property in order to ensure your peace of mind

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Austin Home Inspections has a dedicated team of inspectors servicing the Round Rock area. For more than 10 years we have performed home inspections from the Balcones Escarpment to Interstate 35 and everywhere in between. 

If it’s a thorough property inspection you need if you are buying or selling a home, look no further than our experienced team. Our satisfied client list is long and includes employees of large businesses like Dell, Texas State University Round Rock, and our local main street stores. 

And if you’re busy on the weekends catching a game at Dell Diamond stadium to watch our beloved Round Rock Express, don’t worry because we perform residential and commercial property inspections 7 days a week.


Gain confidence in your property and let us help you ensure your home or business is worth the investment. 


We have you covered if you are:

  • Buying a property and want to avoid sudden and unexpected expenditures
  • Selling a property and don’t want to be surprised with a sudden drop in value due to unknown factors


Our services will:

  • Give you with the information you need in order to negotiate successfully 
  • Provide you a thorough audit to ensure you have the most accurate information about a property





Buying a home is a big expenditure, and collecting all pertinent knowledge about the house is a must.
We appreciate that you don’t want to be saddled with unexpected costs, which is why our buyer’s home inspection service in Round Rock provides you with the most comprehensive appraisal available, from roofs to foundations and all in between.

When a new home inspector joins our team, they go through a rigorous 6-week training program (in addition to their regular industry training).

We will do a full-scale review of your future investment, from the house itself to its neighboring lands, pools, and other amenities.

Inspector With The Buyer Discussing Home Inspection Result


Getting access to reliable statistics when selling your residential property improves your negotiating power.
Unknown concerns will dramatically affect the valuation of your house; your dedicated home inspector can assist you in preventing this possibility.

Give us a call, and we’ll provide you with the detailed and precise home inspection you need to obtain the details you need.


From recently developed houses to older properties on the market, there are several possible scenarios that must be avoided.

Our detailed assessment takes into account a wide range of variables, from pest infestation to mold formation.
The dedicated home inspector assigned to your property would be a specialist in that asset class and construction time. This is important, and any other property inspection agencies can not promise it.

We will be certain that you have all of the details you need before proceeding with any purchase.

 Round Rock Pre-Purchase Inspection


The thorough home inspection given by Austin Home Inspection Group involves an examination of your home’s different components, including:

  • Walls on the inside and outside 
  • The groundwork
  • Ceilings and floors 
  • Attics and roof systems
  • Windows and doors are essential elements of every house.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are all devices that are used to keep a building wet, cool,
  • Staircases on the inside and outside
  • Guttering is used in grading and drainage.
  • Chimneys and fire areas
  • Plumbing fixtures and structures
  • Materials for roof coverings
  • Panels, outlets, and fixtures are also part of the electrical networks.
  • Porches, balconies, decks, and carports are also examples of outdoor living spaces.
  • metering and petrol lines
  • Sprinkler devices are used to regulate the flow of water.
  • And there are plenty more…

The same day the inspection is done, our home inspectors will deliver your letter to you. The article will be straightforward, easy to comprehend, and detailed. We’ll go over all of the good and bad information we find in your house.

The article will provide you with a summary of your home’s general condition as of the inspection date. The following elements will include in the comprehensive inspection report for your home:

  • The elements that we’ve looked at.
  • A description of what we learned
  • Our guidelines for coping with the repairs are as follows: (if any)
  • A gallery of the various photographs we took during the inspection.
  • A list of the best home improvement practices.

Our number one priority at Austin Home Inspection Group is to provide you with the safest, most effective, and comprehensive home inspection service possible, regardless of where you are in Round Rock.

“After looking for home inspectors near me prior to selling my home, I came across Austin Home Inspection Group and gave them a call. They were easy to book services with and the inspection process took only a few short hours.”


“I wanted to be 110% sure before making an offer on a commercial property. Even though I already had an inspection carried out, I gave Austin Home Inspection Group a call too. They managed to find a few items that the first inspectors missed!”


“I was interested in making an offer on buying a home and the team at AHIG were great to work with. The guys were very genuine and seemed truly interested in bringing me accurate information.”


The value from hiring Austin Home Inspection Group

Getting a competent and accredited home inspector is essential, whether you are an investor, seller, buyer, or homeowner.
Our home inspectors have all undergone rigorous training and are prepared to provide you with a comprehensive and high-quality home inspection anywhere in Round Rock.

​Our customer care and home inspection credibility are second to none as  Round Rock’s. most trusted home inspection service providers. We also earned a 5-star rating on Google.

We have a wide range of residential and industrial inspection services at the most affordable prices to meet your needs and budget.

Home inspections are critical for several reasons

It’s a no-brainer to have your home inspected by a credible and trustworthy home inspection service provider like Austin Home Inspection Group. Our consultants will ensure that your house is adequately tested and that the general state is accurately outlined to you to make an educated decision to prevent unwanted surprises during the transaction.

It is essential to know that by having a home inspection, all information will be correctly recorded. Our licensed home inspectors will provide you with a home inspection that will help you make potential decisions based on their up-to-date qualifications and years of experience.

Home Seller And Inspector Making Sure To Follow The Checklist

In a nutshell, home inspections are essential because knowledge is control. Having the full breadth and detail of a property helps you negotiate from the best position possible, whether you’re a buyer or a seller.


Commercial property inspections have a lot of factors to consider than residential property inspections. It may be due to the infrastructure’s greater complexity or its sheer scale. The parking lots, fire risks, and emergency lighting on the premises are all things to remember.

You’ll need the expertise and experience of a trustworthy and dependable commercial inspection contractor in Round Rock to complete this task efficiently.


Interested in getting a trusted property inspection?

Fortunately, Austin Home Inspection Group has all of the industrial inspection requirements addressed.

CALL US at 512-559-3472 for more information on our industrial inspection services.

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