Pre-Purchase Inspection in Austin, TX

Whether buying a manufactured home, a newly constructed home, or one that has been lived in for decades, having the necessary information prior to making any purchasing decision is key.

Turning to Austin Home Inspection Group for residential and pre-owned properties will provide you with the expertise and accurate knowledge you expect from a trusted building inspector for new homes.

Our thorough audit will help make your future purchasing decision as informed as possible, giving you the confidence in your investment.

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Even a newly constructed home may still present issues – some of which you are unaware of until you move into your new property. 

Whether this comes down to a lack of quality in the construction materials or other issues that contractors have chosen to overlook, being aware of these potential problems can save you in the long run.

Regardless of your prospective property’s current age, our examination list includes (but is not limited to) the following items:

  • Interior and exterior: floors & ceilings, stairs & banisters, fireplaces, finishes, sinks, built-in appliances, brick, stone, windows, doors, vents, entryways, etc. 
  • Roof: vents, shingles, chimneys, trim & gutters, skylights
  • Attic: insulation, ventilation, trusses
  • HVAC System: furnace, air conditioner, filters
  • Electrical: service panels, branch circuits, fixtures
  • Plumbing: water pressure, hose bibs, sinks & faucets, drainage systems
  • Any additional items such as pools, sprinkler systems, septic
Home Inspector Checking The Sides Of A Glass Door



When purchasing a new home, knowing if pests reside within your property is crucial. Pests, such as termites, have the capability to wreak havoc on a property if left unchecked. 

​Properties that are not inhabited during its time on the market are more likely to have infestations that are unknown to both the seller and future homeowner.

Areas of concern include: open access points within the foundation or lower levels of a home, significant moisture deposits, beneath exterior cladding and interior drywall.

​Early detection can help save you money on any substantial repair costs. We will provide you with a full inspection for any damage caused by these pesky critters to ensure you receive the most accurate information to alleviate this worry. 



If you’re considering buying a home that has been standing for many years, the possibility that minor or major issues arise is compounded.

When focused on the aged home market, ensuring that you get the right pre-purchase home inspection is vital. Trusting in Austin Home Inspection Group will get you a thorough and detailed inspection.

We will cover every aspect of the property’s construction in order to deliver the most accurate representation of its current state and highlight any potential issues that may arise over the course of ownership.



Sometimes a key aspect of the property to have inspected is one that you will likely never lay eyes on. And by this we mean the sewer or septic system that is installed in your property, which provides both fresh water and the removal of wastewater.

Issues within the sewer system vary when it comes to the overall cost of repair, and having a new septic system put into place can also be a major expense.

A faulty septic system can also send mold spores back into the home which can lead to growth in areas that are prone to moisture buildup (eg. basements and bathrooms). 

​Mold remediation can be extremely costly. Understanding the current condition of the property’s sewer system prior to making any decisions on a property can be just as vital as information on the foundation or other important systems.


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